What We Treat


Millions of people live with mental health issues that go undiagnosed. The Emergynt online screening solution aims to change this. It is a brief 3-minute set of questions designed to identify individuals with potential behavioral health issues.  If individuals show signs of potential behavioral health issues, they can be automatically sent the relevant assessment to further identify and help diagnose the condition.


Medication Management

Emergynt practitioners work to assess, diagnose, and manage a variety of conditions through individualized psychotropic medication management. Psychiatric medications can treat a variety of conditions such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, bipolar disorder, and psychotic disorders.

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Psychotherapy, or ``talk therapy,`` can help with a variety of mental health conditions. The key to psychotherapy is compassionate conversation. Our team of certified therapists can help you achieve mental wellness by offering a safe and caring counseling experience.



In a pandemic, face-to-face office visits might not always be safe, appropriate, or convenient. Telehealth services allow our clinicians to meet with you virtually, through a HIPPA-secured website.  


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